What do you do when your purple shirt is dirty, your favorite cereal is gone, and a
tantrum gets you banished to your bedroom?

You run away… to a pop-up tent in the yard... but just until dinner.

The Day I Ran Away is a spirited yet soothing story for days when you feel like
running away, and a sweet reminder that home is where the hugs (and cookies) are.
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Praise for The Day I Ran Away

From Kirkus:
Niner’s tale, told entirely in dialogue at bedtime, will be familiar to most toddlers, though not every set of parents is so indulgent and
understanding. The typeface and color are different for each speaker (Grace’s is, of course, purple). Ongaro’s illustrations, drawn by
hand but colored electronically, alternate between the evening bedroom and the events of the day…The bright and cheery images
add needed detail to the spare tale.

From Children’s Literature
Youngsters will enjoy this tale because Grace’s kid-sized sass does not erode their family’s underlying strengths. Actually, caregiver
trainers or parenting instructors can use this title to launch discussion on how active listening and flexible parameters underscore
accountability in a kid-friendly way. Ages 4 to 8.

From Foreword Reviews:
When Grace’s day turns from bad to worse, she decides to leave it all behind, in Holly L. Niner’s sweetly uplifting The Day I Ran
Away. Alternating voices and fonts in adult orange and youthful purple relate Grace’s experiences with dramatic humor, and fun,
colorful illustrations from Isabella Ongaro convey the wide range of emotions that allow Grace’s day to go from better to best with a
little help from Mom and Dad.

From PW 2017 Sneak Previews:
Flashlight packs up with The Day I Ran Away by Holly Niner, illus. by Isabella Ongaro, featuring a girl who recounts her tough day
at bedtime, recalling how she had a tantrum and ran away.

From Literary Classics Book Awards:
Sweet joy, warm fuzzies and happy thoughts abound in this fanciful book about a day in the life of a little girl who has experienced an
abundance of frustrations one after the other…Look out Alexander and the Terrible Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, there’s a
new book in town and it’s earned a very special place in our hearts and on our book shelf.

From Edwards Book Club:
The Day I Ran Away will be sure to keep kids engaged and will teach them the importance of following rules and listening to parents.
And, hopefully, they will also learn that there really is no place like home. Full of bright and cheerful illustrations with big and bold
words, this picture book is sure to be a winner for children between the ages of 4 and 6.

From Story Monsters Online
This fun little story pulls at big heart strings, and creates a wistful desire to return to a time when my very courageous little boy
determined he too, needed broader living conditions. And just like Grace’s mom, I helped him pack and sent him on his way. I’m
sure this endearing tale will resound in great chuckles from most parents who’ve had the same experience with their little ones at one
time or another. I love the illustrations of Isabella Ongaro as she depicts the patient way Daddy lets Grace unravel her tale, revealing
the great relationship they share.

From Storybook Reviews
This is a cute story with a bit of a lesson for both children and parents. All children (actually people of all ages) will get upset at one
time or another and this story shows that if you handle it properly and have taught your children well that it will all work out. I like
how the mother handled the situation – giving her daughter some freedom and letting her think she was running away from home
without actually leaving the yard. In a small way she turned it into an adventure and having taught her daughter some lessons earlier in
her life about crossing the street, she was able to keep her close. It was really ingenious!
* Mom's Choice Gold Award
* Literary Classics Seal of Approval
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