The Only One Club
Written by Jane Naliboff, Illustrated by Jeff Hopkins
During the holiday season, Jennifer Jacobs discovers that she is the only Jewish student
in her class. She is thrilled and so creates The Only One Club, of which she is the only
glittery-badge-wearing member. When her classmates want to join her exclusive club
Jennifer at first resists, but she later realizes that each person is "the only one" at
something. She makes glittery badges for everyone, and distributes them while revealing
the quality that makes each friend "the only one". This book will encourage children to
discover and treasure their own uniqueness and to look for unique qualities in others. We
hope kids will want to make their own Only One Club badges and start these clubs with
their friends.
Paperback, 32 full color pages, ages 4-8
ISBN 9781936261307, Oct 2013
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Praise for The Only One Club

* An Accelerated Reader book *

* A
PJ Library Book Club book (click here for their great Reading Guide) *

"...Naliboff writes it in a way that makes being the Only One special — and then again, not so special at all. The message —
that we are all the Only One of something, that we are all special, that we are all individuals, that we all have value — is
invaluable." Laura Weisskopf Bleill is the co-founder and editor of

"This simple story with its expressive mixed-media illustrations addresses diversity and uniqueness while recognizing a
child's need to belong to the group. The story works beyond the holiday season and multicultural classrooms can use the
book as a springboard for discussion." Beverly Fahey,
Children's Literature

"Jennifer turns her uniqueness into an asset ... a great lesson to share during this holiday season.” Sue Corbett, Miami

* Featured on the Recommended Multicultural and Anti-Bias book list of the Anti-Defamation League: "...will help
educators and families to encourage appreciation of self and others in young children this holiday season.”

If Only We Could Be Like These Kindergarteners: ...This book is a great asset to anyone’s library as it teaches kids that
every­one is unique in some way. While it opens with a Jew­ish girl who starts “The Only One Club” after learn­ing she’s the
only Jew­ish kid in her class, she quickly real­izes that each stu­dent has a unique trait that qual­i­fies them admit­tance into
the same club." Read more from Jennifer's blog

“This picture book takes a refreshingly positive look at being different.” from the Selected List of Recent Children’s Books
for Jewish Book Month 2004

"Enjoy this little treasure!" Barbara Gruener,
Character Counts! Trainer of Trainers

"Wow! What a concept: a club of individuals. I love it!" - David Wallace, Community, of the Jewish Federation, Louisville, KY

"...intriguing, warmhearted illustrations by Jeff Hopkins. ...Naliboff manages to present a clear and understandable lesson that teaches
the importance of being accepting of other people's differences."
Large Print

"The friendly illustrations emphasize an upbeat and positive message about the value of differences and the importance of
tolerance and acceptance."
Midwest Book Review

Included in the "History-Social Science Bibliography of Read-Alouds for Content Standards, Grades K-3" compiled by the
Reading First California Technical Assistance Center, April 2005, in California

"[This] timely new picture book...shows that each child can feel respected and valued for being unique."
Jewish Woman

"The gently instructive story is complemented by illustrations in pencil, acrylic, watercolor and pastel that buoyantly capture
the distinct characteristics of each child.”  
Jewish Book World

"...a new book everyone is talking about...The Only One Club...has been embraced by librarians and school teachers alike
for its engaging storyline and its underlying message."
The Franklin Journal (Maine)

"This delightful book encourages children to actively look for special qualities in others, beyond race or culture.”
Maine in

* Featured in the "Holiday 18" Seasonal Gift Guide of Devaney, Doak and Garrett (DDG) Books.

"The premise of the book – that everyone has something special about them and we should acknowledge and respect that -
is a good lesson for children."
AJL Newsletter

"I was quite awed... The prose is wonderful...the illustrations...couldn't be cuter. This is a lovely children's book to pick up
this holiday season, whether you're Jewish or not." Erika Sorocco, an Top 500 Reviewer

"I was completely caught up in finding out how Jane Naliboff was going to solve Jennifer's puzzle." Rebecca Brown, Rebecca

"The way Naliboff deals with the need for each child to feel unique and special is touching."

"...optimistic and heartwarming, helpful in telling grade schoolers that it is okay to be different." The Jerusalem Post   

Picture Book of the Day on the 6 Traits blog by Anastasia Suen.

Recommended on the
No Time for Flashcards blog.

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Society of School Librarians International Honor Book 2005
Recommended Multicultural and Anti-Bias book
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