If you have a story you want us to consider:

First, make sure your manuscript:

  • targets 4-8 year olds
  • is under 1000 words
  • is a fiction picture book (NOT a concept book, non-
    fiction, an early reader, a chapter book, a YA novel, or
    an adult novel. We ONLY publish picture books.)
  • has a universal theme (but no holiday themes and no
    talking inanimate objects)
  • deals with family or social situations
  • feels like a Flashlight book (Please study our site to
    learn about our books to determine whether your story
    really feels like a fit.)

If your manuscript meets ALL of the above criteria, send a
query email with the following information:

  • short plot summary
  • word count
  • target audience
  • what makes this story unique
  • some info about yourself

to Shari Dash Greenspan at

Do NOT send:
  • attachments
  • your full manuscript
  • any artwork (unless you are also an artist submitting a
    story query)
  • snail mail queries
Any queries including any of the above will be immediately
discarded. (Exception: artists who have created picture books
may attach a lo res pdf.)

Within a week, you should receive an automated reply that we
received your email query. We will let you know by email within
a month or so if we want to see your full manuscript. If you do
not receive an email requesting your full manuscript, please
realize that your story was not considered a fit for our line.

Manuscripts, when requested, will be evaluated within three to
four months.
If you create artwork that you want us to consider:

  • Explore our site to be sure that your style could be a fit.

  • Please do not send any samples by snail mail - we are going
    paperless and will recycle all paper samples we receive.

  • Do not send attachments. Instead, please paste a few sample
    jpegs into an email. Then we don't have to open any files and
    can easily view your artwork.

  • Do include links to your online portfolio in your email.

  • We'll keep your information on file for future reference, and will
    be in touch if we have any projects to offer.
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